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July 28, 2013 / Aware of the Void

Dublin Pride and Me

Free Hugs
30 years ago a judge, Justice Sean Gannon, issued a suspended prison sentence to 5 youths who admitted kicking a man to death because they thought he was gay. As a result of this ruling 700 gay activists marched on the streets of Dublin.

I can still vividly remember the daily persecution of one of my school mates for being gay. There has been 20 years since I first personally saw that level of misguided hatred and I am still proud of the fact that this guy is my friend. Despite the best efforts of the haters in his youth he is living a good life helping others. Living well is the best revenge.

Last month was the first time that I really got a sense that things were starting to change for the better for Irish gay citizens. As the Nando’s hot Piri-Piri chicken float drifted past me I thought that now Nando’s have rowed in on the debate same sex marriage and equal rights for all can’t be too far behind.

I enjoyed my day out at the pride march, there was a fantastic family atmosphere, people were happy to pose for portraits and because all the roads around the houses of parliament  were closed or blocked to facilitate a massive street party meant that even the politicians could not ignore a seven foot tall man in drag.

What really surprised me was the level of support that was on the streets of Dublin and solidarity with the LGBTQ community. I know this support did not come overnight and that the battle for gay rights in Ireland still has such a long way to go but I am pretty sure that if anyone ever offered the defence to a judge that they killed someone on the grounds that they were “queer” I think there would be a lot more that 700 people out on the streets of Dublin.

CNV00083 (1)
Angles are Attitudes.

A Hint of Bowie

CNV00094 (1)



CNV00086 (1)


CNV00092 (1)

CNV00076 (1)

All b & w shots with F100 – Kodak Trix 400 and the clour stuff is the Olympus EE-3


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  1. Photobooth Journal / Jul 28 2013 9:38 pm

    Great story and pics. Thanks Brendan!

  2. Annemarie Gleeson / Jul 28 2013 10:17 pm

    Eloquently put, Brendan – and I was around when that initial march took place.. It may have been one of the reasons I chose to leave and travel – Ireland occupied such a small place in the world back then..

    • Aware of the Void / Jul 28 2013 11:14 pm

      Its weird Annemarie it is the second time in the last couple of weeks that my mind has turned to Irish progress. It is sad that you wanted to leave back then but I for one am glad that you are here now!! I think things were starting to progress in the late 90’s when I went to Scotland but I can’t be sure, my very poor understanding of LGBT rights and history was highlighted today when I started typing and I disappeared down a very large google rabbit hole.

  3. abu zar / Jul 29 2013 12:41 am

    “Living well is the best revenge” –> 🙂

    very well expressed story and the photographs are amazing (especially the film one’s)

    • Aware of the Void / Jul 29 2013 7:41 am

      Thank you Abu glad you like them…they are all film..two different cameras.

  4. ThisHandcraftedLife / Aug 1 2013 1:56 am

    Great story and love the portraits! Nicely done.

  5. nivetha / Sep 19 2013 3:08 pm

    Hope to some day see even this level of community support in Singapore/SL

    • Aware of the Void / Sep 21 2013 9:15 am

      Nivetha, it is pretty amazing how much progress has been made here in a few years so I think anything is possible.

      As always thank you for your interest in my ramblings.

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