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March 3, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary – February 2014


Early starts sometimes have a wonderful advantage. I don’t have to work on a Saturday too often but when I do I always try to enjoy a sunrise.
02/365/2014 The Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle

02/365/2014 The Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle
A wonderful oasis of calm in a busy city centre. I had a loan of a very beautiful Mamiya RB67 for the weekend and made the most of it by visiting one of my favourite spots in the city.
I suppose this is my digital sketch to be followed by my film efforts later in the week.
03/365/2014 - En Passant

03/365/2014 – En Passant
My first ever photographic commission.
Well that is a bit of a stretch. My brother asked for a picture of a chess board for his sons chess club website. Since being consistently beaten by the 8 year old has more or less ruined my enjoyment of the game at least I can now use my set to play with lighting set ups.

04/365/2014 - Ma Ma Mia it's a Mamiya

04/365/2014 – Ma Ma Mia it’s a Mamiya 
I have only shot a couple of rolls with this beauty but it was a lot of fun.
Having forgotten the plate for my tripod I got to see what it was like to try and shoot handheld for an afternoon.
I like the results a lot – big 6×7 negatives. The lens is very sharp and view finder is like looking into the abyss compared to my usual 35mm.
05/365/2014 - Mirror in the Bathroom

05/365/2014 – Mirror in the Bathroom
A very rare mid-week trip to the pub. I met a good friend and we talked photography for hours. A pleasant way to spend a miserable winter evening.

06/365/2014 - Occupational Urbexing
06/365/2014 – Occupational Urbexing
One of the interesting side effects of how I make my living is that I occasionally get to visit places that no one ever gets to see. Today it was an abandoned and derelict factory on the outskirts of Dublin. Interesting place and a bit spooky to walk around alone.

07/365/2014 - Evidence of Sunlight

07/365/2014 – Evidence of Sunlight
Nobody panic, it’s called sunshine and it is just a thing that happens sometimes – the clouds and rain will be back shortly.

08/365/2014 - Irish Souvenirs and Gifts


08/365/2014 – Irish Souvenirs and Gifts
Today was the monthly meet up of the Irish Street Photography Group ( ISPG). For me Street Photography is a very difficult idea. If I am honest I find it very puzzling but in the spirt of these things I want to try them before I come to a firm conclusion.
I struggle to get the elusive “decisive moment” and prefer to sit and watch the scene in the hope that something interesting presents itself.
I think that just about happened here.

09/365/2014 - Moon Landing?

09/365/2014 – Moon Landing?
To bid Bon Voyage to a pal that will shortly return home to India we decided to have our first proper hillwalking day out of the spring.
As we reached the summit it became clear that we had found the spot used to fake the Moon landings. Steph was clearly distressed and put in a call to the weekly world news.
Wonderful day out and despite how it looks in this shot the weather was very kind to us.

10/365/2014 - Wanton Waste

10/365/2014 – Wanton Waste
Near my office there is a scrapyard where only skips go to die.
There is hundreds of theses yellow bins stacked waiting for the building boom to start again.
I pass them most days but today the sun was hitting them and I have started to view them as part of my local landscape.
11/365/2014 - Merciful Self

11/365/2014 – Merciful Self
Today was difficult, my plan with the 365 is that I will only keep it going for as long as I can keep the project interesting.
I am office based today and I was pretty sure that it would be dark by the time I get home. I was lacking inspiration when all of a sudden there was a flash of bright light and a black shirt appeared on my desk.
I tried the shirt on and went to the bathroom to see how it looked, in my haste I forgot to remove the cardboard that keeps the collar neat while in the packet.

It was then that I found my vocation – self portraits.

12/365/2014 - Silver Prints

12/365/2014 – Silver Prints
I spent a very pleasant evening making small prints in my darkroom. Some of them will get a stamp in the morning so I can finally participate in a postcard exchange with fellow photographers from around the world.
I generally make 8×10 or 12 x16 prints and I am very pleased with the smaller format. These are 4×6
You have to hold them very close to see the details.
Also my first prints using a warm tone developer. I think it adds a bit of depth to the black but will need to look again in daylight.
13/365/2014 - Frozen

13/365/2014 – Frozen
Today has been pretty hectic from start to finish. I was worried that I might not get a photo today.
The storms from yesterday blew away leaving a sunny clear sky. It was still bitter cold but bright. While walking to the post box to get some air my shadow got stuck on one of the buildings. I am hoping it will still be there in the morning. It was pretty weird not having it this evening.

14/365/2014 - Cor Blimey What a Lovely Pear

14/365/2014 – Cor Blimey What a Lovely Pear
The rotten weather has driven me indoors this evening so I am revisiting my love of still life’s
Single light source, bounced for even spread.
Processed on the iPhone.

15/02/2014 - Bective Abbey

15/02/2014 – Bective Abbey
Made it out and about today. Headed to Trim to blow the cobwebs away. Packed my film gear but the weather was poor when I left Dublin.
I visited my usual spots hoping for a bit if light and managed to catch the sunset at the Abbey.
Not sure what the B&W film shots will be like but the composition should be something similar to this.

16/365/2014 - A Former Field

16/365/2014 – A Former Field
I visited Upper Loch Erne today and an unexpected surprise was that the lake is currently a little bigger than usual. It has spread into the surrounding fields and left some of the tress looking very water logged.
It has given the landscape a dream like quality.

17/365/2014 - Ania through the view finder.
17/365/2014 – Ania through the view finder
I was very lucky today. I got to tag along on a vintage fashion shoot. Ania has an impressive array of vintage clothes and Inge brought some great ideas to the shoot.
I mostly watched as Ania and Inge done their thing, both moving like experienced pro’s.
Eventually I stared to get a feel for the shoot and ran a couple of rolls of film through my Mamiya.
This is a picture of how things look thought my cameras view finder.

18/365/2014 - Bobo the Film Keeper
18/365/2014 – Bobo the Film Keeper
Having taken a day off work yesterday I found it difficult to get a break today to get out and take a picture. So it is back to playing with lights this evening.
This is Bobo the film god – she keeps a watchful eye over the next roll of film to be used in the swaps. I am grateful for her assistance.

19/365/2014 - It's all Red
19/365/2014 – It’s all Red
A visit to the RHA gallery to look at Richard Mosse’s “The Enclave” I felt I was a bit underdressed. The colour of the evening was clearly Red.
Great exhibition, powerful images and I am so glad I made it.

20/365/2014 - Let's get it On
20/365/2014 – Let’s get it On
After a difficult day at work there is nothing more enjoyable than heading home and dropping the needle on a bit of Vinyl
Tonights groove is filled with the sultry sound of Mr Marvin Gaye.

21/365/2014 - Apocalypse Now
21/365/2014 – Apocalypse Now
As I turned and crested the hill I heard the first explosion. Followed by a series of smaller explosions, The whole sky was lit like this for 10 minutes – then came the silence.
The horrible, horrible silence.

22/365/2014 - Super Mario Bros
22/365/2014 – Super Mario Bros
The recession has hit pretty hard in Ireland with many people doing what they can to help make ends meet. I chatted briefly to these two buskers today. They were telling me that before the hard times they had a thriving plumbing business.

23/365/2014 - Shane
23/365/2014 – Shane
If he keeps growing we are going to have to put weights on his head….

24/365/2014 - Self Portrait at Eight
24/365/2014 – Self Portrait at Eight
I visited my uncle today on the way home from work. It had been too long since I was in his house and I had forgotten that it is a treasure trove of family history.
The walls are adorned with photos of us as youngsters celebrating communions, graduations and marriages. These pictures were gifts to my grandmother before she passed away.
I remember looking at these photos when I was a kid and being a bit embarrassed. Today they filled me with joy.
Print your photos and hand them to people – if you are lucky in 25 years time you will really cheer someone up.

25/365/2014 - Rush Hour
25/365/2014 – Rush Hour
For one of the parts of the Irish road network that causes such misery due to congestion and never ending roadworks it looks kind of pretty in this light.
I had a work based training event this evening. I was dreading it due to the location but between the sunset, meeting a photo buddy and the session being very interesting, I am really glad I braved the “mad cow” roundabout.

26/365/2014 - Being Social With.....
26/365/2014 – Being Social With…..
Amongst the many on-going photography projects I have this is the most organic. It started as a small joke and has now become an archive of almost 250 photos.
The project is pretty simple. A group of us go for coffee and cake together. I wait until he looks at his phone and then I take my shot and post it on Facebook.
If I could meet him everyday this 365 project would be too easy.

27/365/2014 - Studious
27/365/2014 – Studious
I called into my parents house this evening and was delighted to find that my Nephew was visiting.
It was a school night so Cathal had lots of homework but he was kind enough to pose for a photo. I think pretty soon this little charmer will have an agent and I will need to pay him to model.

28/365/2014 - Pinholga Fimswap
28/365/2014 – Pinholga Fimswap
I am spending the weekend in the Irish countryside. I had my camera gear all packed and ready to go until this arrived on the post. This changes everything.
This is a new twist on the filmswap project. Flickr buddy Moni has shot a roll of film in the Pinholga and rewound the film. I will now try and reshoot it to see what happens.
I also got a lovely print in with the delivery.

Next stop the Irish wilderness.


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  1. frauinga / Mar 4 2014 4:58 pm

    Great idea! I’m absolutely loving this. 🙂

  2. wolke205 / Mar 4 2014 5:26 pm

    Awesome post! 😀

  3. Carissa / Mar 5 2014 2:29 pm

    Amazing diary. Thank you for sharing these!

    • Aware of the Void / Mar 5 2014 4:40 pm

      Well stay tuned for March you may see that print I promised you 😉

      • Carissa / Mar 5 2014 4:41 pm



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