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May 5, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary April 2014

60/365/2014 - Getting Things Done


60/365/2014 – Getting Things Done

It’s been a long day filled with interesting asides but sometimes I just have to get some work done.

I sat at my desk watching the sunset wanting to escape and breath the air but sometimes I just have to get some work done.

I sat at my desk eating a limp sandwich thinking about fine foods and my own kitchen but sometimes I just have to get some work done.

I sit at my desk thinking about the world revolving around me, the world beyond computer screens and deadlines but sometimes I just have to get some work done.

I sit at my desk and think I really should print an A4 sheet with lots of text, tear eye-holes in it, and make a mask but sometimes I just have to get some work done.

61/365/2014 - Self Portrait with Mauzan


61/365/2014 – Self Portrait with Mauzan

I have pretty much decided that I can treat the entire world as an art gallery. If I open my eyes and engage my brain to the world around me I can find the most wonderful images.
I am not sure why the prints of Achille Lucien Mauzan are decorating the toilets of my local coffee shop but I am pretty glad that they are there.
Today is the first official day of my “self portrait with art” project.

62/365/2014 - Sunset


62/365/2014 – Sunset

The changing of the clocks and an extra hour of sunlight has allowed me to try and get out and do some photography in the evenings after work.
This was one of a series of shots of the sunset I took this evening. I love the drama and raw energy in the sky tonight.

My hope is that this is the first of many spring time trips up the hill of Howth
63/365/2014 - Poolbeg
63/365/2014 – Poolbeg

Friday evening was looking like it was going to be an evening of sitting on the sofa sipping wine and playing video games, the current addiction to Fez is getting a bit out of hand. But in a last minute effort to try and use my extra hour of daylight before it become routine I went to the coast.

The towers a Poolbeg annoy me. This is one of those classic Dublin scenes that I can never seen to get right. Now I know part of the reason for that is I only ever shoot them with a 50mm lens from far too far away or I snap them with my iPhone and add a filter. The landscape here remains elusive but I live local and will keep trying.

64/365/2015 - Danka

64/365/2015 – Danka

A full day of photography was rounded off with a fantastic meal in a friends house.

The large windows of the Georgian house allowed a beautiful soft light to spill into the room so I made all the guests sit for quick portraits.

Camera:Nikon F100
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
Dev: R09 1+15

65/365/2014 - Alone in the Dark

65/365/2014 – Alone in the Dark

I am currently on a printing binge. I have the darkroom setup in such a way at the moment that I can pretty much close the door and start printing. It makes contemplating a session a very easy process.
The shots here are all from a roll of TRI-X that I had developed in the morning and scanned to see how they looked. Initially I was concerned about my developer choice, the scans looked a little too grainy for portraits but when I printed them I was much happier with the results.
More printing, less scanning!!

66/365/2014 - Poppy

66/365/2014 – Poppy

So I am cheating with my 365 a little bit here, I originally took this shot in October 2011 but this is a scan of the print I just made in my darkroom.

I have been printing a lot in the last few days so it was this or another photo of my prints hanging to dry.

Camera:Nikon F100
Film: Fujifilm Neopan 1600
Lens:Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G AF-S DX
Dev: HC110 (B) 7.5 min 20c
Enlarger: Opemus 6 B+W
Paper: Ilford Multigrade IV RC
Scan: Epson V600

67/365/2014 - Light into Dark

67/365/2014 – Light into Dark
Finally out of the darkroom and into the evening skies. It was really nice to meet up with a bunch of light painting buddies and fill the night with sparks.

This is always a fun way to spend a few hours.

68/365/2014 - All Mine

68/365/2014 – All Mine

The walk from home to the station was a little strange, normally if aim for the station during rush hour I feel a little like a salmon struggling to make it up stream. The masses of people on the paths moving in the opposite direction can be a little overwhelming. But tonight was different. There was no one around, no sea of people. No cars, no bikes nothing.
I walked into the station, this was also empty. Nobody at the kiosk, not a soul on the platform. I stood in the eerie silence of the station waiting for my train.
I don’t remember hearing the train approach but I looked up from my book and it was there. I boarded the last carriage and took a seat at the end of the train.
I have been on the train for the last half hour, it stops at every station. Nobody gets on no one leaves.

69/365/2014 - New Car Smell

69/365/2014 – New Car Smell
There was a small mistake today, I pretty much totally forgot to try and take anything of photographic interest. The only way to not miss a day is to post a shot I took in work of one the the new vans that have just been fitted out.

If this was a written dairy instead of a visual one – it would read:
Dear Diary, someone in work got a new van today. It was very well kitted out and has that new car smell. It made me want to tidy the half eaten apple sand pears off my dash board of my own motor.

70/365/2014 - Selection

70/365/2014 – Selection
I am very lucky that a few time a year I get to meet up with a bunch of traditional B+W film photographers. I get to see wonderful handmade prints and get feedback on my own efforts.
I had printed a wide array of lithe, landscape and portraits but have decided to just present these.
At the moment I am very much interested in getting better at printing….it is a slow process for me.

71/365/2014 - Esther

71/365/2014 – Esther
An entire morning spent looking a the traditional darkroom prints of fellow film photographers was nicely rounded off with a chance encounter with a good friend at her stall in one of the local markets. I just love seeing a photograph in print.

The afternoon and evening was spend taking a mixture of digital and film photos at a family event so it was a day filled with photographic delights.

72/365/2014 - Japan vs Farmleigh

72/365/2014 – Japan vs Farmleigh
The annual experience Japan day was held at Farmleigh today.
I dragged along my F100 loaded with Black and white Film and the Mamiya RB67 was packed with Portra 160.

A crazy day of Cos Play , traditional Japanese dress and random strangers asking me to pose for photos with my Mamiya…

Most of the stuff I water was shot of film so it will take me a few days to process and post but it was a great day out.

73/365/2014 - Angry Doesn't Cut It

73/365/2014 – Angry Doesn’t Cut It
Arrived how from work with a plan to cut the grass before cooking a nice dinner. The mower refused to start on account of the petrol tank being filled with oil.
Three hours spent pulling the engine apart to clean and repair it.
I managed to get it started but it soured my mood for the evening. I am mostly annoyed with myself for letting something like this bother me.

74/365/2014 - Process

74/365/2014 – Process
Lights on in the darkroom tonight for a bit of C41 colour development.
I got some advice over the weekend about drying my neg to help keep the dust away so I gave that a try this evening.
Developed two rolls of Kodak Portra160, one is a pinhole film swap with a buddy in the US the other was shot using the RB67.
A glance at the negs suggest that the images are looking OK

75/365/2014 - Self and Self

75/365/2014 – Self and Self
Work and Photography briefly collided again today.

76/365/2014 - Nothing But Flowers

76/365/2014 – Nothing But Flowers
A final shot taken to finish out a roll has reminded that sometime you just need to stop and smell the flowers.

Interesting side note – I tried a new technique to try and reduce dust spots on my negs
while drying. It appears to have worked.

Camera:Mamiya RB67
Film: Kodak Portra 160
Dev: Tetenal C-41 Kit

77/365/2014 - Battle of Clontarf
77/365/2014 – Battle of Clontarf

It is a thousand years since the Battle of Clontarf but if you take a stroll in my local park this weekend you would be convinced that it is still going on.
There is a mass encampment of Vikings there for the past few days all involved in the largest ever re-enactment of this historic battle.
There is a full bill of events this weekend and I feel that I was lucky to get to see it before the thousands of spectators arrive over the weekend.

78/365/2014 - Triffids
78/365/2014 – Triffids

I return to the local Battle of Clontarf re-enactment with my film camera has left me with only a couple of digital shots from the day.

This is a couple of the seasons finest tulips hiding one of the local churches in the village.
The Tulips are small but the church is far away….

79/365/2014 - Seems Legit

79/365/2014 – Seems Legit
The final day of the “Battle of Clontarf” and I decided that I wanted to get some nice Viking portraits with my medium format camera.
I actually took the Mamiya in the end because I am trying to focus all my energy on building one massive arm muscle.
The Rolleiflex fitted better in this shot.

80/365/2014 - Pinholga Swap
80/365/2014 – Pinholga Swap

So this is me shooting a toll of film in Monica’s Pinholga. When I’m done I will re-roll the film back to the start – reload the camera and under normal circumstances I would post the camera back to Moni……but not this time. I will hand it to her in person in Amsterdam in a few days time.
There is a bunch of us from all over the world meeting up for WPPD 2014

Have a look at some of our previous results at Moni’s site.…

81/365/2104 - Still Life
81/365/2104 – Still Life

Sunshine, flowers and the need to finish out a roll to see what is on it have combined nicely to allow me to post a film photo for my 365 today.

Its a slide film that I have been having fun processing in C41 chemistry. I like the tones.

Camera:Mamiya RB67
Film: Rollei Digibase CR 200 Pro
Dev: Tetenal C-41 Kit

82/365/2014 - Malahide by the Sea

82/365/2014 – Malahide by the Sea

I got a little gadget that allows me to connect my iPhone to a tripod and I also got an app that lets me do long exposures. I combined both and took this shot at sunset in Malahide.

I took a spin out on the Dart to try and get a roll of film shot ahead of the Amsterdam meet up – I will trow my roll into a bowl and it will be re-shot by someone else – I’m intrigued!!

83/365/2014 - Packing Gear
83/365/2014 – Packing Gear
Selection for the Amsterdam trip. I generally lay it out on the table and then consider what type of shots I want.What actually got packed was…Pinholga, Olympus Muj II, Zero 4×5, F100 and my Nettar Zeiss Ikon.

84/365/2014 - Self Portrait with Sunflowers

84/365/2014 – Self Portrait with Sunflowers

A trip to Amsterdam to meet fellow pin hole photographers for world wide pinhole photography day has allowed me to visit the Van Gogh museum.It was truly inspirational.

85/365/2014 - Cube House Rotterdam.
85/365/2014 – Cube House Rotterdam.
An adventure leads us to Rotterdam where we get to spend a splendid half house in Piet Blom’s Cube house.Impractical but great fun we made to most of the wonderful light for an impromptu photo shoot.

86/365/2014 - Jumper Jumper

86/365/2014 – Jumper Jumper
It’s world wide pinhole photography day. I have traveled to Amsterdam to meet with other Pinhole photographers. We talk films, cameras and techniques. The conversations are strange to the outside world but we all understand.

87/365/2014 - Waterlooplein

87/365/2014 – Waterlooplein
Taking full advantage of a late evening flight by visiting the flea markets of Amsterdam. Not really any bargains to be found today so I’m just looking try to suppress my GAS. I will be filing this weekend as epic!!

88/365/2014 - All Saints Raheny (Pinhole)
88/365/2014 – All Saints Raheny (Pinhole)
Back to work today after an amazing long weekend in Amsterdam to join fellow pin hole photographers for a meet up to celebrate WPPD 2014.
I had one frame left to shoot to finish out a roll from the weekend so stopped in the bounds of All Saints on the ay home from work.
Not sure why but something went a bit odd with the development on this frame but I kind of like the effect.

Zero Image 4×5 Pinhole Camera (Horseman 120 rollback fitted)
Film: Kodak Portra 160
Dev: Tetenal C-41 Kit
Focal Length:25mm
Exposure:13 seconds

89/365/2014 - Comfort

89/365/2014 – Comfort
A surprise work trip has me spending a night in a hotel, still things could be worse.
No camera gear and a sudden departure has left me a bit stuck for inspiration this evening so I am literally phoning it in with this one.

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  1. aafke / May 19 2014 10:15 pm

    ….you did “get some work done”. most impressive !

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