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June 6, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary May 2014

90/365/2014 - Mist and Rain

90/365/2014 – Mist and Rain

Sometimes, just sometimes there is a glow that you can get early in the morning of a miserable misty day that if you wait a few minutes it will pass and be gone – leaving behind a blanket of green to show how fresh the Irish landscape can be at this time of year.
The view from my hotel window this morning.

91/365/2014 - Hot Stuff

91/365/2014 – Hot Stuff

I love a real fire and it is one of the great joys when we travel to Cavan that I get to light up this big stove.

It was far to warm to light it at this time of year and the plan was to do some night shooting in the local hills – startrails was the goal but the glass of red wine, a hard week, a big meal and the heat of the fire all conspired against me and I fell asleep on the sofa.

92/365/2014 - Tullydermot Falls

92/365/2014 – Tullydermot Falls

A long drive around the wild hills of Cavan lead to some interesting discoveries. The weather was misty and cool but when your standing in a river it’s all the same really. Shot in the Cuilcaigh Mountains near Swanlinbar.

93/365/2014 - The Cosy Bar

93/365/2014 – The Cosy Bar

The more time I spend in the village of Belturbet the more I love it. I walked around the town for a few hours looking at the old shop fronts and reading all the tourist information boards.
The town used to be a pretty bad bottle neck on the way to other places but in recent years has been by-passed with a new road.
I fear that now that no one needs to happen through the place it will suffer and the small bit of tourism it sees will pass.

Camera:Nikon FM2
Film: Polypan F 50
Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D
Filter: Red Wratten (25)
Dev: HC-110 (B) 6min

94/365/2014 - Threes

94/365/2014 – Threes

95/365/2014 - Into the Light

95/365/2014 – Into the Light

96/365/2014 - The Waiting Self

96/365/2014 – The Waiting Self

97/365/2014 - Ode to JJ

97/365/2014 – Ode to JJ

98/365/2014 - Self 'nd Safety

98/365/2014 – Self ‘nd Safety

99/365/2014 - Time Travel

99/365/2014 – Time Travel

100/365/2014 - Still Life

100/365/2014 – Still Life

101/365/2014 - Dublin

101/365/2014 – Dublin

102/365/2014 - Things with Faces

102/365/2014 – Things with Faces

103/365/2014 - The Price of Salvation

103/365/2014 – The Price of Salvation

104/365/2014 - Stranded

104/365/2014 – Stranded

105/365/2014 - Balrothey Church

105/365/2014 – Balrothey Church

106/365/2014 - It's Kat From the Internet

106/365/2014 – It’s Kat From the Internet

107/365/2014 - Lemons

107/365/2014 – Lemons

108/365/2014 - Slaney

108/365/2014 – Slaney

109/365/2014 - Smashed

109/365/2014 – Smashed

110/365/2014 - Clouds and my Coffee

110/365/2014 – Clouds and my Coffee

111/365/2014 - Chocomint

111/365/2014 – Chocomint

Remnants of the last trip to Amsterdam.

112/365/2014 - Super Positive

112/365/2014 – Super Positive

Direct positive paper makes a return to the shooting gallery. New brand, new challenge.

113/365/2014  - Kimchi

13/365/2014 – Kimchi

Not so long ago i had never heard of Kimchi and it has fast become one of my favourite foods.

114/365/2014 - Botanical

114/365/2014 – Botanical

Sunday is filled with ritual. A lazy start to the day, breakfast in the Botanical gardens and then a stroll in the grounds to make room for coffee and cake.
I have a long exposure app on my iPhone which can be a bit of fun sometimes. 8 second “exposure” with the phone teetering on the handrail on a bridge.

115/365/2014 - Ducking Out

115/365/2014 – Ducking Out

116/365/2014 - After the Rains

116/365/2014 – After the Rains

We have reached that wonderful part of the Irish summer when you can still be out walking in daylight at 10 o clock at night.
I love the long summer evenings.

117/365/2014 - Abandoned Umbrellas

117/365/2014 – Abandoned Umbrellas

118/365/2014 - I Want Candy

18/365/2014 – I Want Candy

Caffeine and sugar buzz in-coming!

119/365/2014 - Bulking Up

119/365/2014 – Bulking Up

Preparing for a weekend of landscape photography in the west of Ireland.
I wanted a slow film and something that would allow me use an IR filter to let me cut to some of the traditional haze of the Irish Summer

121/365/2014 - Tullycross

121/365/2014 – Tullycross

iPhone digital sketch book of something similar to what I caught on film.
Taken using the Slow Shutter App and processed on the phone.


I had some computer issues in May which means i am missing some text for the shots but i have them saved in my brain.


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  1. aafke / Jun 6 2014 8:09 pm

    love the price of salvation

  2. Photobooth Journal / Jun 6 2014 9:17 pm

    Love the polaroid Time Travel pic the best! Is the duck silhouette real or a manipulated image?

    • Aware of the Void / Jun 7 2014 12:39 am

      Pretty much as shot, tweaked a small bit on the phone but it was a very high contrast scene.
      The duck had been sitting on the cross until……someone…..disturbed it..

  3. Kasia w Krainie Deszczowców / Jun 7 2014 12:15 am

    Love the pics and your sense of humour

  4. Carissa / Jun 14 2014 1:55 pm

    Nice series. I got a chuckle out of “The Price of Salvation.” Love “Slaney.” Great perspective. Nice color and composition.

    • Aware of the Void / Jun 14 2014 7:48 pm

      You don’t have to move to far in this country to find something like that salvation one….and the Slaney shot will remind me of the day I smashed my light meter getting out of the car.

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