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July 3, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary June 2014

122/365/2014 - Fire Side
122/365/2014 – Fire Side
It was a little cool when we returned to the cottage last night so the fire was lit. The photography bug bit hard this weekend and it was nice to sit, relax and stare at the wild Atlantic last night.

123/365/2014 - South Connemara
123/365/2014 – South Connemara

124/365/2014 - Hang Em High
124/365/2014 – Hang Em High

125/365/2014 - Views from the VanGogh Window
125/365/2014 – Views from the VanGogh Window
I have been shooting this view for a year now and i love what the change in the seasons does for the colour.

126/365/2014 - Feeling Fruity
126/365/2014 – Feeling Fruity
Some days its hard to look my 5 a Day in the face knowing that i am about to eat him.

127/365/2014 - Clontarf to the Bull
127/365/2014 – Clontarf to the Bull
A day on the computer left me feeling like i needed a walk before heading into the city for a party.
I love the walk from Clontarf to Bull Island – you get all the fresh air you need in about 15 seconds.

128/365/2014 - Welcome to the Jungle
128/365/2014 – Welcome to the Jungle
I really do love the botanical garden. There is great coffee and cake and even on the worst days you can escape into the tropical glass house and pretend you are exploring the rain forests.

129/365/2014 - Self Portrait at Lettergash
129/365/2014 – Self Portrait at Lettergash
Camera:Mamiya RB67
Film: Ilford FP4 plus 125
Dev: Agfa Studional R09 1+15 (3.5 mins)

130/365/2014 - Sunset vs the Flowers
130/365/2014 – Sunset vs the Flowers
The mutt gets walked most nights but some nights are a little prettier than others.

Film_Leader_Retrieval_35mm 131/365/2014
Have you ever needed to extract a 35mm leader that you had rewound into the canister. I do this a few time a month to let me re-shoot rolls of film that have been sent to me for film swaps or when I do something silly.

132/365/2014 - Sheba
132/365/2014 – Sheba
We think that Sheba is about 13 or 14. When we got her she had been a in a few different homes and we were told at one stage she had been pretty badly treated. We happened to pass a pet rescue place in Drogheda one afternoon and just stopped in for a look.
Sheba came home we us that afternoon. She now enjoys a great life and is the boss of the house. One of the great joys of having her around is that she has the energy of a puppy but the wisdom of an older dog.
133/365/2014 - The Bull
133/365/2014 – The Bull
Here we are again, again-

D. H. Lawrence suggests
…….but better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions……

I kind of like this view of my city and am happy to try and do it justice….rinse and repeat….

134/365/2014 - Film Swap
134/365/2014 – Film Swap
Catching up on my back log of film swaps. I’m nearly (almost) up to date. shooting with the Nikon Fm2 for the weekend.

If you would like to try one of these international film swaps please get in touch. it can be as simple as shooting a roll of film and sticking it in the post.

135/365/2014 - Sylwia
135/365/2014 – Sylwia
A day out at the beach with good friends gave me lots of models to shoot. I had my iPhone and a small compact film camera with me but a buddy of mine gave me a 5d Mk2 to play with.

136/365/2014 - Roses of the Summer
136/365/2014 – Roses of the Summer
Sunsets and walks in the park with the mutt is a nice way to end the day – any day.

137/365/2014 - Deer Park to Sutton Cross
137/365/2014 – Deer Park to Sutton Cross
Climb a hill, take a picture, climb down a hill….goodnight

138/365/2014 - Fan Boy
138/365/2014 – Fan Boy
The Irish summer has landed and the evenings are wonderful.

139/365/2014 - Grow your Own
139/365/2014 – Grow your Own
I pal arrived with a head of cabbage and some radishes under his arm..
What a treat
140/365/2014 - HBD NT
140/365/2014 – HBD NT

141/365/2014 - David
141/365/2014 – David
Camera:Nikon Fm2
Film: Rollei Retro 80S
Filter: Red
Dev: Adox Adonal 1+100 60mins

142/365/2014 - Brittas Bay
142/365/2014 – Brittas Bay
It is an annual obligation during the good weather to try and make an effort to visit Brittas Bay.
It was an early start but really well worth the sunday morning alarm – we arrived before the hoards of sun worshipers. Had a very please swim, ate a picnic and went home.
Bliss, pure Bliss.

143/365/2014 - Howth
143/365/2014 – Howth
I enjoy a walk along the pier at Howth. Sometimes I even bring my camera with me.

144/365/2014 - Connect
144/365/2014 – Connect
I see faces everywhere, this little guy was sitting on my desk

145/365/2014 - Phil the Fur Ball
145/365/2014 – Phil the Fur Ball
I am not really sure what this is, but it is sitting on my belly

146/365/2015 - Darkroom
146/365/2015 – Darkroom
An aerial view of my darkroom, I am giving a buddy of mine a quick refresher on film development so have decided to try and make a few contact prints if we have time

147/365/2014 - Liam
147/365/2014 – Liam
This guy cracks me up.
An evening spent playing in my darkroom has yielded some interesting results..

148/365/2014 - Dublin Pride Festival 2014
148/365/2014 – Dublin Pride Festival 2014
A rare attempt at street photography during this years Pride Parade in Dublin.

I spent most of the day doing street portraits but this guy selling flags made me chuckle.

149/365/2014 - The Drawing Room
149/365/2014 – The Drawing Room
Location scouting for something I have foolishly committed myself to. Watch this space.

150/365/2014 - Ania
150/365/2014 – Ania
Monday night drinks for a buddies birthday lead to a few interesting photo opportunities
Ania has a unique style and the camera loves her.


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  1. Photobooth Journal / Jul 3 2014 7:11 am

    Sheba and your self-portrait catch my eye and the pics from your dark-room.

  2. David Hall / Jul 3 2014 7:36 am

    Great post and some wonderful photos. Particularly like your Van Gogh window and the five a day 🙂

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