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August 17, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary – July 2014

151/365/2014 - Da ba dee da ba di
151/365/2014 – Da ba dee da ba di
I don’t really know why this happens but I seem to be incapable of ordering the correct gloves…

152/365/2014 - Contact Sheet
152/365/2014 – Contact Sheet
My new plan is to always make a contact sheet and attach it to the negatives – I literally spent hours looking for one frame….never again..

153/365/2014 - Goats Cheese and Courgette
153/365/2014 – Goats Cheese and Courgette
I have been a life long vegetarian……..since last January πŸ™‚ I find that it is making me branch out with my breakfast choices – this was surprisingly good.

154/365/2014 - Excessive
154/365/2014 – Excessive
Bags packed, ready to shoot. A mixture of film and digital is the plan but since I am not really sure what I am doing the plan is subject to change..

155/365/2014 - The Wedding
155/365/2014 – The Wedding
Were you ever asked to do something that filled you with so much fear and panic that it seemed silly to say no.

I never had any real desire to be a wedding photographer, the whole thing seems to be at odds with how I like to take pictures – slowly and with careful consideration – it always seemed a bit manic but this really was a lot of fun.
Once I had the shots that I knew I needed I relaxed and started to shoot some things in my own style.
The Mamiya was used and I ran a few rolls through the F100 also. I enjoyed the day and the wonderful couple seem happy with the results so far.

156/365/2014 - Rainbow
156/365/2014 – Rainbow
Having shot a lot of digital yesterday I had decided to leave all cameras at home today……then this happened.

157/365/2014 - The River Ward
157/365/2014 – The River Ward
Hidden gems and secret locations were the order of the day today.
A photographer buddy was kind enough to take a few of us on a tour of a spot that is truly hidden in plain sight.

I had spent many hours of my childhood getting up to mischief in this area and it was a real treat to re-visit it today and look at it through the eye of the lens.

I mostly pin-holed – but snapped a few with my phone and the slow shutter app.

158/365/2014 - High Pressure Film
158/365/2014 – High Pressure Film
These two tanks contain the rolls from the wedding. It is the first time in a long time that I had a sense of panic while loading film and worse – the fear that nothing was on the rolls.

159/365/2014 - Sheba
159/365/2014 – Sheba
Professional pigeon watcher. I think i have some cheese in my hand here so she took a brief break to stare at me instead.

160/365/2014 - Anniversary
160/365/2014 – Anniversary
We spent our 10th wedding anniversary rampaging around the wicklow mountains. A long stroll to Lough Dan followed by a hill climb.
There is part of me that is truly amazed at how fast the last ten years have whizzed by.

161/365/2014 - Giddy Up
161/365/2014 – Giddy Up
Sometimes it best not to ask too many questions.

162/365/2014 - Tourist
162/365/2014 – Tourist
I love looking at my city through the eyes of my foreign friends. I see it in a whole new light, find interesting new spots and just enjoy what has always been here.

163/365/2014 - Afternoon Delight
163/365/2014 – Afternoon Delight
I think I won the food exchange, I brought an Aubergine Salad and a few other bits but I got to try this Tofu and Butternut Squash cake – and it was very good.

165/365/2014 - Making Redscale
165/365/2014 – Making Redscale
A small batch of homemake red scale film.
Try making your own it is super simple.…

166/365/2014 - Mad about Ballet
166/365/2014 – Mad about Ballet
I had a visitor at work today and she is super cute.

167/365/2014 - Cliff
167/365/2014 – Cliff
Found a new walking route tonight. It seems interesting.

168/365/2014 - Transport
168/365/2014 – Transport
Two years in and the proximity to the train stain still remains a source of amusement.

169/365/2014 - The Photo Album of Ireland
169/365/2014 – The Photo Album of Ireland
A city centre meeting has allowed me a very quick visit to the gallery of photography.

This is a delight and well worth a visit. I will return to it before it leaves that gallery.

170/365/2014 - Team Work
170/365/2014 – Team Work
A tense game of Jenga turned into an unexpected team work event as the stack grew taller and taller. The quest to win was superseded with a quest to see how tall the tower would grow.

Good times with good friends.

171/365/2014 - Mortal Enemy
171/365/2014 – Mortal Enemy
I am pretty sure that this girl is trying to kill me. We have visited for dinner twice recently and both times I have left feeling so full that I feared for my life.
I love good food and have a real problem deciding when I have had enough. The grub is fantastic and the company is wonderful.

172/365/2014 - Little Red Tree
172/365/2014 – Little Red Tree
Playing in the park with red scale film today.

Camera: Nikon Fm2
Film: Rollei Redbird
Dev: C-41


173/365/2014 - Doughnuts and Coffee
173/365/2014 – Doughnuts and Coffee
Camera: Nikon Fm2
Film: Rollei Redbird
Dev: C-41

174/365/2014 - Supplies
174/365/2014 – Supplies
Supplies and a surprise…I have re-stocked the dark room and bought a couple of things to try.
I have a notion to try a bit harder with landscape stuff and really want to re-visit Lith printing so my purchases have pointed me in that direction.

175/365/2014 - So Long Farewell..
175/365/2014 – So Long Farewell..
This photo was taken about 2 minutes after we all realised that there is a very good chance that the four of us will never be together again as a group.
Param is moving to Canada in a few days.
Nivetha’s time in Ireland will come to an inevitable end in the not to distant future as she finishes her work and returns to SG.
For the last 12 months these people have become a huge part of my life and helped me learn so much about my own country and about myself as a person.
I will miss our gang, I will miss their friendship.

Safe Travels…

176/365/2014 - Inspiration
176/365/2014 – Inspiration
I’m pretty much using this as list to try and make sure I break each and everyone of the “rules” – Know them, study them, ignore them.

177/365/2014 - Ania in the Darkroom
177/365/2014 – Ania in the Darkroom
I have discovered that teaching people how to develop their own film is a really great way to spend a Friday evening.

Ania was surprised that my “Darkroom” was so bright.

178/365/2014 – Disco Loo
I don’t know why – but this amused me way more than it should have.

179/365/2014 - Knocksink
179/365/2014 – Knocksink
We got properly lost in the woods today and stumbled across this little spot.

Home safe now after a final farewell walk with a soon to be absent friend.
I’m sunburnt, full of Guinness and covered head to toe in nettle stings due to some poor clothing choices for an off road ramble.

An epic day that will be remembered forever – mostly as I fear it will be the last of these spontaneous walks with my photo buddy Param.

180/365/2014 - Conduction
180/365/2014 – Conduction
What happens when you short circuit a battery using your watch strap.
Ouch!! That’s a deep burn.

181/365/365 - Meca
181/365/365 – Meca
Croke Park is the home of the GAA and I happened to visit it recently on a day when there was no matches.

It was strange to see this place without 80,000 people.

182/365/2014 - Play Misty for Me
182/365/2014 – Play Misty for Me
Today was all about droplet size.

183/365/2014 – Gavin
I finally got to hear my buddy Gavin play the fiddle – It was a real treat.


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  1. christian harkness / Aug 17 2014 3:12 pm

    152/365/2014 – Contact Sheet

    Although I am among the most disorganized people around, I have been good about filing my negatives and contact sheets. I number each page of negatives with a Sharpie and the following info:


    140801 – this stand for 2014/August/First Roll

    and then I can identify each image on, lets say a 36 exposure roll as follows:


    All this is stored in a 3 ring binder, with the contact sheet on top of the sleeved negative sheet, and then I date each binder according to the range of dates inside.

    This system has held up very well for me, it works both ‘manually’ and on the computer.

  2. kathryningrid / Sep 12 2014 2:11 am

    What a fantastic, fantastic set! I feel like I got to spend a week or two just following you around and getting to know how you shoot, how you think about your shoots, what catches your attention and captures your imagination…all in all, a really grand ramble, illustrated with your always marvelous photography. Thanks for this post!

    • Aware of the Void / Sep 12 2014 7:25 am

      Thanks Kathryn, some days are more interesting than others but persistence seems to help.

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