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September 2, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary – August 2014

184/365/2014 - Journey

184/365/2014 – Journey
I have been known to play the occasional computer game. This is one of the ones that actually gets re-played.
It is visually stunning and has a haunting soundtrack.

185/365/2014 - Irish Summer
185/365/2014 – Irish Summer
The plan was for a run around the Irish countryside watching the Poc Fada but the weather conspired against us and the event was canceled for player safety.
Back up plan – trip to the dead zoo and a stroll around the city and then met up with an old pal for a drink in Meath.
The occasional lazy Saturday is a wonderful thing.

186/365/2014 - Tamanna
186/365/2014 – Tamanna
After the rain comes sun….The light on my pals balcony during the sunset was pretty wonderful this evening. I made a few portraits but I like this one the best.

187/365/2014 - De Vere 504
187/365/2014 – De Vere 504
My new enlarger is making my darkroom seem a little bit smaller

188/365/2014 - Chilli Paneer
188/365/2014 – Chilli Paneer
An extravagant lunch sets the tone for the afternoon.

189/365/2014 - Protection
189/365/2014 – Protection
I find it is always sensible to pack protection for a weekend away.
Room sharing is on the cards and these are for my cohabiters. I enjoy a good snore 🙂

190/365/2014 - Crocker
190/365/2014 – Croker
It really is weird to see this place without all the people.

191/365/2014 - Strokestown
191/365/2014 – Strokestown
I’m heading west for the weekend and playing tourist on route.
I have been pretty much diverting towards anything that catches my eye and stopping to take photos.
I shot this in IR with my f100 and Mamiya but I was so surprised to have sunlight that I went crazy with the iPhone also.

192/365/2014 - The Great Western Greenway
192/365/2014 – The Great Western Greenway
I got on a bike today for the first time since 1996, I then set off and cycled 42km through some of Irelands most beautiful landscape.
Good weather and even better company made it a pure joy from start to finish.

193/365/2014 - David
193/365/2014 – David
When found in their natural surroundings the photographer can appear totally at one with nature.

194/365/2014 - Embassy of India
194/365/2014 – Embassy of India
The November travel plans are starting to look very real. We submitted our visa applications today and should have confirmation in a few days that all is OK and we can book our flights.
This trip has been a dream for so long that to be this close to doing it is really a treat.

195/365/2014 - DART 25
195/365/2014 – DART 25
I hear the train a comin’
It’s rolling round the bend
And I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when.

196/365/2014 - Big Wheels
196/365/2014 – Big Wheels
I always love a fair ground, this time of year the habour in Howth is lit with neon and madness.

197/365/2014 - Rush Hour
197/365/2014 – Rush Hour
The part of me that sits in traffic because of this sort of stuff gets over it pretty quick. Why – because it’s rush hour and somebody in the middle of Dublin city is stuck behind a horse..Always a giggle.

198/365/2014 - Street
198/365/2014 – Street
The gala opening of the Irish Street Photography exhibition.
A really great show, well put together and in a fine venue.
This is my buddy David, one of the 47 exhibitors.

199/365/2014 - MGS4
199/365/2014 – MGS4
Because everything is better with an Egg hat.

200/365/2014 - Nivetha
200/365/2014 – Nivetha
Photo-walking on the cliff of Howth today. But as always there is time for portraits.

201/365/2014 - Grub
201/365/2014 – Grub
Give a man fire and he will be warm for a few minutes, but set him on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life!! I am very lucky to have a friend in my life that is willing to teach me how to make these incredible dishes. Today we had a Sri Lankan feast and fed 16 people.

202/365/2014 - Buzz
202/365/2014 – Buzz
Have you ever wondered what the inside of one of these looked like? Well there you have it.

203/365/2014 - Church Names
203/365/2014 – Church Names
A friend of mine recently asked me about the origin of Irish church names.
I have not found an answer yet but I have started to notice why I was asked.

I pass this one on the way to work some days. It is “the church of the visitation of the B.V.M” The abbreviations are as they appear on the sign.

204/365/2014 - Fuel Stop
204/365/2014 – Fuel Stop
He was ten feet tall and rode a fiery motor cycle, when the hunger came upon him he dismounted, grabbed a pint of milk and cued for a roll like the rest of us mere mortals.

205/365/2014 - Csilla
205/365/2014 – Csilla
Everything I shot today was work related and far too tedious to release to the world at large so here is a picture of my pal Csilla that I developed today.

Camera:Nikon F100
Film: Rollei Infrared 400S
Dev: Adox Adonal 1+100 60 mins 20c

206/365/2014 - Bella
206/365/2014 – Bella
My parents were kind enough to mind our two dogs so we could go away for the weekend. They seem to have opened a full time kennels as my sister had dropped her puppy off earlier in the week.

When I took this Bella was locked outside for a few minutes while we tried to get all the mutts settled.

207/365/2014 - Marbel Arch Global Geopark
207/365/2014 – Marbel Arch Global Geopark
I had been to the Marble Arch caves about 20 years ago and I had very vivid memories of the last trip.
We were in Cavan for the weekend and this place is about an hours drive across the border into Northern Ireland.
The tour of the caves was as good as I had remembered it and entering the caves on a boat really is a nice touch of drama.
After the tour we spent hours in the adjoining park land and found these cascades. I shot a roll of film here also and hope that I can get some prints of this location.

208/365/2014 - Hillsides
208/365/2014 – Hillsides

Camera:Nikon F100
Film: Rollei Retro 80S
Filter: Red
Dev: Agfa Studional 1+15 4mins

209/365/2014 - Caution Stairs
209/365/2014 – Caution Stairs
A helpful sign posted on the stairs that I was standing on.
I have a concern that we are so bombarded with this sort of thing that we will eventually lose the ability to think for ourselves.

210/365/2014 - Coffee Time
210/365/2014 – Coffee Time
So I’m not really sure where the coffee goes when you spill it here but it disappeared real fast. The car is still working – running a little faster perhaps so I have resolved to feed it more coffee in future.

211/365/2014 - Remko and Inge
211/365/2014 – Remko and Inge
There is nothing in this world I enjoy more than good company. Remko and Inge are currently touring Ireland and it was great to see them again.

212/365/2014 - Coffee and Stroopwafel
212/365/2014 – Coffee and Stroopwafel
Until yesterday I had never had a Stroopwafel, now I have eaten a whole packet. Our Dutch house guests introduced me to this method of consumption. I have left for work today buzzing from caffeine and sugar.

213/365/2014 - Stamped
213/365/2014 – Stamped
Sometimes in work I need to put my own stamp on things.
I think it would be much more interesting if I had a pot of melted wax and a signet ring but we all have to embrace the modern way of things.

214/365/2014 - Self with Rollei in Window
214/365/2014 – Self with Rollei in Window
Its a compulsion. Hold a Rollei, see your reflection, shoot yourself.
I love this camera and every time i pick it up I think that I should use it more. The roll I just developed has 6 months worth of photos on it including this one shot today.

Film: Kodak Tri-X
Dev: Agfa Adanol 1+100 60mins

215/365/2014 - Higher Love
215/365/2014 – Higher Love
Literal and metaphorical high point of a very rocky week.
A long walk followed by a good climb and a rare film photo of the two of us together.

Thanks Nivetha!

Camera: Nettar Zeiss Ikon
Film: Kodak Tri-X
Lens: Novar-Anastigmat 75mm f/3.5
Dev: HC110 (B) 6mins

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  1. David / Sep 3 2014 3:57 am

    Lovely mix of photos! I remember over half a lifetime ago, my parents would send me a case of stroopie at a time to my college dorm. We would devour them.

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