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October 2, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary – September 2014

216/365/2014 - Apple Products
216/365/2014 – Apple Products
Beta testing some new coffee cups in work today. They seem to hold an average size apple and a Caffè Americano

217/365/2014 - Half Baked
217/365/2014 – Half Baked
Tonight’s dinner was made entirely from the contents of the fridge and store cupboard. A fine pasta bake with some odd contents including four types of cheese.

218/365/2014 - Film Box
218/365/2014 – Film Box
Sorting out the darkroom to make space for the new arrival. I combined all my film into one location and have decided that I don’t need to buy any more film for a little while.

219/365/2014 - De Vere 504
219/365/2014 – De Vere 504
Finally got set up and operational. This thing is a beast but I am looking forward to making some prints with it.

220/365/2014 - Wooden Heart
220/365/2014 – Wooden Heart
Film: Kodak Tri-X
Dev: Agfa Adanol 1+100 60mins

221/365/2014 - Little Sur
221/365/2014 – Little Sur
A ramble along the cliffs at Howth today and some fun with the slow shutter app on the phone.
It was less windy today so I managed one shot from the edge. Scared myself a little and packed up again.

222/365/2014 - Sculpture In Context
222/365/2014 – Sculpture In Context
Its that time again the annual sculpture in context exhibition at the national botanical gardens. This place is always great for a walk but with the addition of  many works of art it really is wonderful.

223/365/2014 - Time to say Goodbye
223/365/2014 – Time to Say Goodbye
An epic weekend finished with a stroll on the Bull and a last chance to show our guests some of our favourite spots in Dublin.

224/365/2014 Tara Street
224/365/2014 Tara Street
Camera: Olympus Mju II
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Dev: C-41 (Lab)

225/365/2014 - Meet me at the Arch
225/365/2014 – Meet me at the Arch
It’s funny how we all have our points of reference. I had a meeting with someone and the agreed location was the arch at Trinity College.
Until that meeting I never released how many arches there are in Trinity. We eventually found each other wandering around the city screeching – Is this the arch I’m looking for.

226/365/2014 - Packing
226/365/2014 – Packing
An unexpected change in my work arrangements has allowed me to join my wife and a buddy for a weekend trip to visit an old pal in Girona.
It’s a short stay – hand luggage only so this is the choice for the weekend, the Nettar Zeiss Ikon for 120 and the Fm2 for 35mm

227/365/2014 - Anna
227/365/2014 – Anna
Catching up with Anna over a beer in her home town was a real treat. I had not seen her in months and I am glad to say she has not changed one bit.
This girl is the good kind of crazy.

228/365/2014 - Lolo Y Gala
228/365/2014 – Lolo Y Gala
Life imitating art, imitating life.
A surreal visitation to the home of Gala Dali was one of the many wonderful things that happened today.
I shots lots of film, and went a bit crazy with the iPhone snaps but for me the amusement I get from this shot makes it the 365 shot for today.

229/365/2014 - Cadaqués
229/365/2014 – Cadaqués
Another wonderful day on the Costa Brava – today we visited Cadaqués, swam in the sea again, ate good food, laughed and had fun. I loved the narrow street and the beautiful doorways.

Good Times!!

230/365/2014 - Girona
230/365/2014 – Girona
A whirlwind  visit left us with 1hr and 15 minutes to explore the city before eating breakfast on the go and getting to the airport.
We saw enough of the city to let me know that I had seen very little of it and I am already trying to work out when I can go back again.

231/365/2014 - Little Brown Bottles
231/365/2014 – Little Brown Bottles
Following a recent “incident” involving some of my chemicals I have decided it was time to re-organise.
Amber glass bottles and a whole pile of labels is the way of the future.

232/365/2014 - Soup Season
232/365/2014 – Soup Season
I have become obsessed with noodle soup and its inexhaustible variations.
The weather is starting to get a little cooler so making this every few days for lunch is keeping the chills away.

233/365/2014 - The Drop Off
233/365/2014 – The Drop Off
It is with a sense of trepidation that I leave these with my “lab” . They lost two rolls last time but were “very sorry”. I do my own 120 at home but I find that for 35mm it is fast and cheap to let the lab dev and scan. The rare failure on their part is something I can live with for the convenience……but if it is really important to me I dev them at home myself….

234/365/2014 - Work at Height
234/365/2014 – Work at Height
My work sometimes allows me to get a different view of things.

235/365/2014 - Irish Street Photography Group
235/365/2014 – Irish Street Photography Group
Once a month Des Byrne organises a street photography meet up – It is a great way to spend a Saturday morning and there is always a nice bunch of people.
Generally Des suggests a couple of themes for the walk and this month one was “Film – 27 shots” many of the photographers used disposable film cameras to try and challenge themselves and restrict the number of pictures that they could take on the route. I shot with my Fm2 and had the dubious honour of taking the group shot at the start of the walk.

Pretty typical of my group shots – I made an arse of it….but I think in the end I only missed about 5 people.

You can find the results of some of these outings on the groups flickr page – this is heavily moderated so the standard is pretty high.

Camera:Nikon FM2
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
Dev: Agfa Studional 1+100 75mins

236/365/2014 - A Very Berry Outing
236/365/2014 – A Very Berry Outing
It is that time of year again. The brambles are full of juicy black berries and I’m out for a forage.
The plan is for a harvest tart later in the day depending on the bounty.

237/365/2014 - You Little Tart
237/365/2014 – You Little Tart
The net results of yesterdays pickings was about 3KG of blackberries. Some are now frozen for winter treats but a lot went into two crumbles and an Apple and Blackberry tart. A big slice of which I am eating for my breakfast.

238/365/2014 - Souping
238/365/2014 – Souping
A cheeky little Asian number…More veg, more noodles, more soup.

I really do like soup

I know that some days it seems like I am just taking photos of my lunch but if you dig a little deeper you will spot that I am very carefully considering the light and shadow in these pictures – I treat each one as a miniature still life……or I am just taking pictures of my lunch – you decide.

239/365/2014 - Lith Printing
239/365/2014 – Lith Printing
I have finally decided to give this a proper go. I normally tried lith printing while doing some other work but this time I have come to the darkroom with nothing but lith on my mind.

240/365/2014 - Cut the Blue Wire
240/365/2014 – Cut the Blue Wire
My requirement to understand how a huge amount of different things work is truly staggering sometimes…
This view can mean only one thing….winter is on the way

241/365/2014 - Cliffs at Sunrise
241/365/2014 – Cliffs at Sunrise
One of the main benefits of the short winter days is that it gets very easy to get out of bed on time to catch the sun rise.
This was a glorious morning for late September and if this is my last great sunrise of the winter I am very glad to have made the effort to catch it.

242/365/2014 - Clean it Up
242/365/2014 – Clean it Up
An afternoon of searching for information on home improvement details was brightened by a trip to the park.
Poppy knows the score – she shits, I pick it up.

243/365/2014 - Breakfast
243/365/2014 – Breakfast
Aiming for an iron injection with this one. It is mostly spinach with some tomato and cheese.

244/365/2014 - The Mask
244/365/2014 – The Mask
Sometimes, but not always I get to look like this in work.
Given the choice between shaving off my beard and wearing the net for the day I normally choose to have a shave….sometimes I forget…

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