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November 2, 2014 / Aware of the Void

Visual Diary – October 2014

245/365/2014 - Dainty Daisy

245/365/2014 – Dainty Daisy
It’s time to say goodbye to the last of the Summer flowers – October has started and there is a bite in the air.

246/365/2014 - Make the Print
246/365/2014 – Make the Print
Is it possible to teach the basics of darkroom printing in 1hr? The surprising answer is yes! My first session with the DUPA crowd in TCD. It is a fun way to spend a Thursday evening and it is nice to see people taking an interest in the process.

247/365/2014 - Media
247/365/2014 – Media

248/365/365 - Darragh
248/365/365 – Darragh

Computer games, robot making and a walk along the cliffs filled my weekend when my nephew came to stay. What a great kid!

When I look at this picture of him it is like traveling back in time – he looks so much like the older brother that I remember from my childhood it is really strange to see that guy again. We have both changed a lot in the last 30 years.

249/365/2014 -Mullaghmeen
249/365/2014 -Mullaghmeen
A magical walk in an enchanting forest was organised by the APUG guys. I snapped a few shots with my iPhone and spent the rest of the morning hauling my tripod and Mamiya around the woods – great spot worthy of a revisit.

250/365/2014 - Liberty
250/365/2014 – Liberty
Dublin looking well for October

251/365/2014 - Boots
251/365/2014 – Boots
Imagine a boot stamping on a human face – -forever……………did you imagine my shiny new hipster safety boots.

252/365/2014 - DUPA Printing
252/365/2014 – DUPA Printing
DUPA darkroom session 2. I am trying to give a very, very basic introduction to darkroom printing in the space of an hour. So far everyone has left with a print they made themselves. It is refreshing in the era of digital photography that a university photographic association is still interested in the darkroom process.

253/365/2014 - Red - Red
253/365/2014 – Red – Red
The main thing this winter is to match your phone cover with your hat.

254/265/2014 - Happy Birthday Pauline
254/265/2014 – Happy Birthday Pauline
It is always nice to have a family event to catch up with everybody.
Lolo’s aunty had a big surprise birthday.

255/365/2014 - Flow
255/365/2014 – Flow
Camera:Nikon F100
Film: Neopan 100 Acros
Lens:Nikon 50mm 1.8
Dev: Rodinal R09 Special
Scan:Epson V330

256/365/2014 - Reds

256/365/2014 – Reds
The train stations of Ireland have some real beauty spots if you can look beyond the barbed wire.

257/365/2014 - Context
257/365/2014 – Context
I managed to get one last look at the sculpture in context in the botanical gardens. This one was magnetic.

258/365/2014 - Plans
258/365/2014 – Plans
Trying to get my head around the up coming travel plans and deciding if I need to pack a jumper – I’m guessing no!

259/365/2014 - Brewed

259/365/2014 – Brewed
A sneaky pint on a school night to have a look at the new decor in the all new Cock and Bull pub.

260/365/2014 - Boobless

260/365/2014 – Boobless
I don’t often use a calculator but when I do I try a bit of creative typing. It’s a classic.

261/365/2014 - Artisan Camera

261/365/2014 – Artisan Camera
Inspiration and ideas, “Artisan Camera – Studio Photography from Central India” I ordered this so long ago (June 2014) that I forgot it was on the way. The portraits are great and each one is a beautiful vignette. Well worth a look if you are interested in portraiture.

262/365/2014 - ISPG

262/365/2014 – ISPG
Irish Street Photography Group ready to descend on Dublin
Once a month Des Byrne organises a street photography meet up – It is a great way to spend a Saturday morning and there is always a nice bunch of people.

You can find the results of some of these outings on the groups flickr page – this is heavily moderated so the standard is pretty high.

263/365/2014 - Henna

263/365/2014 – Henna
I had never seen anyone getting Henna done it was incredible to see such an intricate design being hand drawn.

264/365/2014 - Make Prints
264/365/2014 – Make Prints
A new print from an old negative. Taken somewhere on the west coast of Ireland on a rainy day.

Camera:Nikon F100
Film: Neopan 100 Acros
Lens:Nikon 50mm 1.8
Dev: Rodinal R09 Special
Paper: Ilford Multigrade IV RC

265/365/2014 - Flow
265/365/2014 – Flow
A day trapped behind a PC has left me craving the outdoors so I decided to virtually visit the outside world.

266/365/2014 - Sunset
266/365/2014 – Sunset
This time of year the sunsets are early but they make up for that by occasionally being spectacular.

267/365/2014 - Deepavali

267/365/2014 – Deepavali
Life is a funny thing, two years ago I did not know much about India, Sri Lanka or Singapore and now I find that i am filling my house with people to help them celebrate their festivals.
We made a Biryani and Kuzhambu – Stuffed again!

268/365/2014 - Depth of Field
268/365/2014 – Depth of Field
A little worms eye view of the world this season. Sometimes it can be nice to aim low with my photography.

269/365/2014 - Lough Dan
269/365/2014 – Lough Dan
If I could I would take this stroll every day. It was a nice time of year to visit. From where we park you can trace the route of the river and see where it joins the lake. This is the route we walk and it seems a bit further than it feels when you walk it.

270/365/2014 - Bat Capatti

270/365/2014 – Bat Chapati
It is nice to know people with the talent to make this food but being able to fashion it into the Bat signal was a nice bonus.

271/365/2014 - C41 Home Development
271/365/2014 – C41 Home Development
Anything bigger than 135 colour film I develop at home. I pretty much have my system down and get consistent results. Here my chemistry is having a water bath to get the temperature right.

272/365/2014 - Witches Abroad
272/365/2014 – Witches Abroad
A spooky photo session with the Smena group tonight. It is always great when people get involved and play along.
Loads of people brought props and many where happy to pose. I took a lot on my phone but liked the humour in this one the most.

273/365/2014 - Packing
273/365/2014 – Packing
Looking through the stash to see if I need to buy more film for the India trip. I have decided that I should have enough but still I have a few days left to fully decide so no panic just yet.

274/365/2014 - The Things we Do for Love
274/365/2014 – The Things we Do for Love
I am currently transporting a mint lemonade from the city centre to my home in the suburbs – This is because my wife really likes this drink and I ate my dinner in the one place in the city that i know sells them. Arriving home without it was not really an option.

275/365/2014 - Drive by Shooting
275/365/2014 – Drive by Shooting
Working late to get my desk cleared before disappearing for the next few weeks means that this is about all I will see of the Festivities this year.

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors die of fright
It’s our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween

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  1. Joe shoots resurrected cameras / Nov 5 2014 1:14 pm

    I think you definitely have enough black & white film for India, but color? Hmmmmm….

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