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February 3, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Hey Ho off We Go

In a couple of hours I’ll be boarding a plane and making my way to Dubai, Singapore and eventually on to Sri Lanka. I’m supposed to be relaxing before we leave for the airport but I am Hyper. Not only is this a trip to a new part of the world but it’s also a chance travel with friends from that part of the world that I miss and have not seen in too long.

I have now packed and unpacked my camera bag 10 times and remain uncertain what I really want to bring.

 I regretted not bringing my pinhole camera to Indian last year so have decided it was essential for this trip and I will shoot colour film. Todds terrapin bijou sidewinder is f135 and will give me 6×4.5 negs.

The F100 is now once again in favour and will be used to shoot black and white. I packed a mountain of Tri-X and red and orange filters. The 50mm 1.8 will be the only lens I bring.

For a little bit of colour and for general snap shots I have packed the Mujii and will use this with Ektar. 

iPhone will be for the visual diary and general note taking and other accessories are my cable release and mini tripod. I have no idea what I want to snap while I’m away so this lot both seems excessive and not enough.

As my travel diary goes this is Day 0 


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  1. Joe shoots resurrected cameras / Feb 4 2016 4:23 am

    Wow, have fun! Honestly, I think you’ll need more film than that…

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