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February 6, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Fail to Prepare…..


Prepare to have an awesome time. Day two in Singapore saw us awake early and ready to see what we could find. 

We had no specific plans at all just a general sense of a few sights that we wanted to see. We tagged along with Nivetha to the train station to see how this all worked and we followed her as far as her work stop. The rush hour was in full flow and she suggested that if we were just random wandering that it might be better to go the opposite direction to the majority of travelers.

Nivetha done a quick scan of the local railway map and said “ah” and told us that the Chinese gardens were easy to reach and in the right direction. So a “plan” was made.

We stayed on the train, made one change of line and found ourselves a few minutes later at the Chinese gardens stop. Provisions of ice pops and water were purchased for the 25meter hike to the gardens entrance.

What lay inside was a total surprise, there was a massive Botanic gardens, full size Pagodas, lakes, turtles and a whole host more. When we retuned to the apartment in the evening I was amazed to discover that this place did not appear in the guide books.


Later we took a spin back towards the city and having spent the morning exploring a small bit of China we ventured towards the food halls and tried to have a thematic lunch. 

We managed to order two massive bowels of Yong tau Foo. Essentially this is a dish where you pick the bits you want and a man boils them in a broth with noodles. 

 These two cost us about $8 in total and looking at the prices on the menus of the non food hall eateries this seems like a very cheap way to eat in a very expensive city.

And while in town why not try Kick-A-Poo Joyjuice. This is basically a laxative in juice form that can be picked up in most shops.

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  1. Vonnie / Feb 6 2016 1:04 am

    Thanks for sharing! I could use some of the broth on a cold night here in Cali.

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