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February 11, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Provision Hunting

Both of us seem to have picked up colds in our chests. I’m not sure if this is just to do with the change in climate, numerous trips on aeroplanes or the fact that commuters in Singapore don’t seem to know how to cover the mouths when coughing. They have signs suggesting that putting your bag on the ground makes for a more comfortable train ride for everyone but when I get home I’m going to send them some stuff on “coughs and sneezes spread diseases”

We took it pretty slow on day 7, had a relaxing morning and I ventured out unassisted into the streets of Colombo to get Panadol and chough medicine. These helped a lot with colds so hopefully as we set off today for our next destination the colds will break and we start to feel better. 

We are both painfully aware that we are travelling with two others and are doing our best to keep from complaining but we are Irish so this does not come naturally. 

On my journey to the pharmacy I managed to snap a few shots of the local area.

We were invited to lunch by Niros parents and had an ice cold beer and what they referred to as lunch and I would call a lavish feast. It’s was truly amazing. If you ever get the chance to try Sri Lankan food grab at it with both hands.

After eating Niro took us to two local Buddahist temples. One was a place of reverence and quite contemplation and the other one was a bit tacky and resembles a jumble sale. Niro struggled to find the actual temple within the compound and with each passing moment got a little sadder. 

There was a large number of tourists in this place and I would be concerned that this temple and its collection of tack, gold , vintage cars, wrist watches and ivory will give them the wrong impression of Buddhism on the island.




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  1. allentimphotos2 / Feb 11 2016 7:30 pm

    The colors are very nice. The picture of the monk in particular.

  2. Photobooth Journal / Feb 12 2016 1:31 am

    OMG the fish and the surreptitious puss! Great photo Brendan. I’m not sure where the tat in the temple was positioned but in Latin America, these types of objects are often left with purpose and prayer on or near a Christian altar in a church. For example a child’s toy might be an offering for a prayer from the parents of the owner ie a wish for a speedy recovery for a sick son or daughter. An offering of a toy car, might be a prayer for a safe journey via a real car etc. I would not see it as giving a wrong impression of Buddhism , but more an impression of how religions are different and interpreted differently in different parts of the world. Fascinating post? Enjoy your travels.

    • Aware of the Void / Feb 12 2016 1:37 am

      Yeah I get that and despite it being at odds with the tenants of the religion we see something similar in the catholic ethos – I’m pretty sure this was not the case here and it was more that the person that runs the temple was hoarding tat, I will however but the idea to my Buddhist friend and see if it makes sense to him. I’m glad you are enjoying the posts.
      My daily diary is a bit of a rushed affair and not a fully formed view of my trip so I kinda hope I’m not causing any offence. I keep a personal journal but find blogging allows me to add the pictures and context.

      I’m somewhat reluctant to take photos inside many of the temple mostly because I’m unsure of protocols but the Pokemon was just one oddity in this place .

      • Photobooth Journal / Feb 12 2016 2:26 am

        Buddha loves Pikachu! (I think that is the name of that particular Pokemon character.)

        I’m sure no one would take offence at possible misinterpretation. We are all barbarians when we enter a new culture and thus are not expected to know. Well that is what my French teacher used to say about foreigners! I’m sure once you get home you will be able to do even more posts, with more photos and possibly have different insights into what you have learnt and seen.

        It is great to be able to do a bit of virtual travelling with you. Best wishes for a safe trip, to you and your partner.

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