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February 14, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Sweet Tea and Kandy


The tenth day of my travels saw it begin with a very nice sunrise. We are staying on the hillside above Kandy so we can see the city spread below us. It looks desecptivly close but once you factor in the twists and turns on the roads it’s a hairy ride in a triwheeler down the slopes to get to the city.

We had a few touristy things planed for the day and started with a visits to the home of one of the Buddhist relics.

Even first thing in the morning the temple was thronged with pilgrims and gawakers. There was an air of serene diginity about the place and you could tell that you where visiting a place that many held in high regard. In an effort to show some sembalace of respect I refrained from snapping to many photos here.



We left the hussel and bussel of the city behind for a while and spend a few pleasant hours wandering around the botanical gardens. The grounds themselves are huge and I noted with again that many of the plants in the “hot house” back home appear to grow wild here and are even used to line walkways to offer shade.


The gardens here seem to be a popular spot with lovers and couples. I found one recently married couple and asked if I couple take a snap. They smilingly obliged. The morality police found one snuggling couple under a tree and blew has whistle at them and told them he would find their parents if they did not stop what they where doing, they also obliged.


Later in the afternoon I got the chance to see how tea is made and I don’t just mean the bit where Niro tuts at me for not leaving the tea rest for long enough before pouring. We visited a tea factory in the hills above Kanday. We had a super fast tour that was over quicker than our complimentary cup of tea but then we where left to explore on our own.


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