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February 15, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Ella-vate Me

 Day 11 sees us driving from Kandy up and up into the hillside to reach the town of Ella.

We had originally planned to get here by train but despite our best efforts all ticket options had been sold out. I’m told that it has become routine for tour companies to buy up all the publicly available tickets so that they can sell them on as part of packages at massively inflated prices. While it’s a bit annoying for us I think this sort of thing is common and until the state makes an effort to resolve the issue people like us wanted to move through the country independently we will just need to use other means.

We hired a car and driver for the 6 hour spin. This it turns out to have been a small bit of an advantage. He was very keen to stop at a few points on route to let us take photos and visit a tea plantation.

One of our stops saw us at a Hindu temple that was build for Rama. It was adorned with beautiful decorations and we were lucky enough to have Nivetha on hand to expline the various parts of the temple and told us some of the story.

 We rolled into Ella in time for Lunch and settled into our guest house. We will be here for a few nights and it’s pretty spectacular.

From our room with a view




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  1. Moni / Feb 15 2016 3:50 am

    God beams, even. Incredible view!

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