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February 16, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Tea on the Tracks

Our guest house is halfway up the side of a hill and the journey in any direction involves a little bit of climbing. We ask for directions to a few of the local sights and receive a roughly scribbled map that describes turns to be taken as you progress along the railway line. 

Walking on the railway tracks add an extra layer of excitement to a trail that already includes Cobras and giant lizards. 

We walk to the falls and much to the excitement of my companions I scramble down them in the hope of getting some interesting pinhole shots.

We hike a little into the woods to get to a more elevated position and I’m rewarded for my efforts by finding a local standing heroically on an outcrop of rocks

After a confirmed snake sighting we decided that we are being too brave and descend again to the railway line and the march towards town for some lunch. It occurs to me that I’m not taking enough photos of my fellow travelers so I snap a few with my film camera while we rest for lunch. Nivetha’s relaxed mood here is a good summery of how we were all feeling.

We walk the roads towards a green tea factory and have an enlightening tour. For yeas my grandmother told us that tea bags were just the floor sweepings from the factory it turns out that she was not fully wrong.

We turn for home again and despite the rains I find colour and even manage a tiny bit of street photography.


 The evening end with a swim in the pool, two types of onion soup and just general chilling. And so ends day 12


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  1. Suvi / Feb 17 2016 7:28 pm

    Cobras – yikes!!

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