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February 17, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Let’s Move People

The day begins with a stroll on the railway line to get to the station. It says a lot about a place when it’s quicker to walk down a hillside, stumble along some tracks all carrying backpacks and you will still reach your destination a good 20 minutes ahead of a car.

Our trip on the train today brings us from Ella to a town called Hatton. This is the nearest point we can get to Adams Peak using the train system.

The train ride between the two towns offers some spectacular sights, including lots of people hanging out the open doors and windows of trains.


We reach Hatton and a driver is waiting for us to take us onwards to Adams Peak.

 It’s yet another beautifull/ hair raising drive through the Srilankan countryside.
We arrive in Adams peak just in time to eat again. We are supposed to sleep for the afternoon because just as day 14 draws to a close we will be starting the climb to reach the top of Adams Peak for sunrise on day 15.


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  1. theitinerary1 / Feb 17 2016 2:56 pm


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