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February 20, 2016 / Aware of the Void

It’s pretty – Galling


Day 18 sees a pretty dramatic shift in our pace. We finish our time in the “up country” with a very leasuirly breakfast of Hoppers and tea. Hoppers are a bit like a pancake that are shaped like a bowl. We ate them with a dal curry and a spicy coconut pickle called pol sambol. 

I’m sad to be leaving behind the rolling hills, the lush green plantations and the rainforest but it’s time to move on again.

We have what seems like a very short drive to the city of Galle. It seems short to me because I close my eyes as we depart Sinharaja and fall asleep until just outside the boundaries of Galle. I once again annoy and amuse my co-travelers with my ability to sleep through almost any twist and turn that the van makes. I only open my eyes once during the spin and that’s when the driver hits the breaks very hard to avoid crashing into a truck with the word “explosives” in massive letters emblazoned on the back doors.

Everyone is in the humour of lunch and a cold drink. The return to a lower part of the country means a spike in the temperature and we are back up to 32c in the middle of the day. But first we need to resolve a minor domestic issue. 

The constant travel and changing of location and accommodation has meant that it has been a little too long since laundry has been done and I know that personally I’m pulling on a t-shirt that is my “least bad” rather than clean. The humidity, insect repellent and sunblock has an odd layer on all my clothes at this stage and the opertunity to do laundry and wear “fresh” clothes again is very appealing.

We take a short stroll to the ramparts at sunset and also have a little look at the back streets of the old fort town but the proper tourist stuff will be done with a fresh head in the morning.

We are treated to dinner by the parents of one of Nivetha’s friends and I once again eat far to much. I flop into bed and the late night spicy food fills my dreams with vivid crazyness. A sugar and spice detox will be needed when I reach home.


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