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February 21, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Gone Fishing (kinda)

Day 19 sees us waking inside the walls of the old fort. I stand on the roof terrace and as soon at the sun peeks above the roof line I’m already a little to hot. 

We wander the alleys of the old Dutch town in search of something interesting for breakfast and we stumble across a place that serves traditional Sri Lankan hoppers and string hoppers for breakfast. We sit down and it occurs to us that there really is only two tables and it appears that we are now sitting in someones front room. We are given menus and place our orders. Like so many times before on this trip the Sri Lankan food is totally amazing.

On the drive into the fort yesterday I spotted a fish market and I was keen to have a closer look. We grabbed a triwheeler from our place a negotiated the fair to “the fish market” a price was agreed and we set off. The driver could have taken us anywhere and a couple of times on the way we passed markets and he said in broken English “this one is no good”. We followed the coast a short distance and left us off where there was about 50 small fishing boats on the sand.

We appeared to be at a make shift market where fish was being landed and sold almost instantly. I spent a delighted hour snapping away with my cameras. I missed my f100 a little as the other film camera is only really ever used for snapshots so I’m hoping that I managed to at least capture some of the feel of this place.


The afternoon heat called for icecream and slow considered movements and as the sunset we strolled on the ramparts with the rest of Galle.


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