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February 23, 2016 / Aware of the Void

It burns, it burns!

Day 20 sees a stupid Irishman do a very stupid thing. We leave the safety and relative shade of the narrow streets of Galle and catch a ride to our Villa on the outskirts of Mirissa. This will be the last stop in Sri Lanka before going home to the horrors of the Irish Spring.

The view of the Indian Ocean form our rooms is awesome and the rhythm of the sea crashing against the rocks is very soothing.

We get checked in, pull on our swimming togs and walk 5 minutes up the road to our private beach. I love swimming in the ocean and here the water is tepid and it’s like floating in a bath. 

I spend two hours snorkelling and slowing washing all the sunblock off my back. The beauty of snorkelling here is that you get to see an amazing array of fish. You also float with your back horizontal to the earths sun. 

I won’t lie I’m bright red and far to over cooked. Someone with my skin should not be allowed out in the sun for too long!

This place is beautiful and the next few days here should be very relaxing. I’m applying copious amounts of aloe and have adopted a regime that now involves peeling my tshirt away from my body.


On a lighter note! Smak is full of natural goodness.



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  1. Vinh N / Feb 23 2016 2:47 am

    Sri Lanka is not too far from my home. I think I should go there someday.

    • Aware of the Void / Feb 23 2016 2:49 am

      It’s a very beautiful place to travel and a very diverse country

  2. Photobooth Journal / Feb 23 2016 4:13 am

    Let’s hope no one gives you ‘a slap on the back’ welcome on your return to Dubbers!

    • Aware of the Void / Feb 23 2016 4:51 am

      Yeah they will receive a punch in return! It’s not so bad now but I will be swimming fully dressed today 😀

      • Photobooth Journal / Feb 23 2016 10:51 pm

        And getting an annual skin cancer check up, too, I hope!

  3. aafke / Feb 26 2016 1:20 am

    I love the “backside” photo. Beautifully reflective.

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