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February 24, 2016 / Aware of the Void

Life’s a Beach

Did you know that 21 days is exactly how many days there are in 3 weeks. That’s how long we have been traveling. We have reached the rest and relaxation stage of our adventure. There is a little air of sadness as this is the final day that we will all be together until the next great adventure. Niro and Nivetha depart early in the morning for Colombo and a final breakfast with family before heading to their own home in Singapore.

We have another full day of beaches and sunshine before we hit the road. But today was all about leaping about in the ocean and having fun.

Myself and Nivetha continued our tradition of trying to catch the sunrise on each day of the trip. The other two of course think we are crazy to sacrifice sleep for sunrise.

The sunrise today seemed extra special but this could be just because it will be our last chance to enjoy one together at least for a little while.


Mirissa is a nice place. It’s all about the beaches here and having cremated myself the day before I’m very cautious while swimming. I look like your classic Paddy at the beach swimming in my tshirt.

The ocean and sands are a treat. The original idea of tail ending the trip was to make sure that we return to Dublin at least feeling like we had a holiday. The rest of the trip has been the perfect type of manic so the R+R at the beach now seems a little overkill but I’m glad of it.

I snap a few shots of the beach as a reminder of the place but to be honest this place so much like the rest of the trip is burned in my memory and the pictures do not do it justice.

The manager of the villa hearing of yesterday’s sunburn bonanza cuts me some bits of the aloe plant and makes me a soothing gel. This is just one more example of people here going well and truly above and beyond. 


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