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June 19, 2017 / Aware of the Void

Day 1 Oslo and Upwards

I suppose that one of the beauties of not really being involved in the planning process is that I have not really had an idea of what to expect from this trip.

I’d been told that Olso was on the agenda because it is the start and end point of our journey. But it turns out that it was so much more. We woke and wandered. Found a nice cafe to have a breakfast snack and sit a chat catching up with old friends. 

Coffee was amazing as was the exterior of the opera house. We also made it to one of the military museums before lunch and a panicked dash to the train station.

A very pleasant seven train ride over the mountains say the temperature go from 26c to 6 and we got to enjoy seeing snow and ice on the hillside (a hint of things to come?)

We arrive late to a bright but rainy Bergen and our initial glimpse of the city is one of wow and wonder. It’s colder but in an Irish summer kind of way.

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