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June 20, 2017 / Aware of the Void

Day 2 and 3 Bergen Interlude

Bergen is great. It’s an odd mixture of day time frantic as the city fills with cruise ships and tourist and at night the locals reclaim their streets. 

The two days here blended together in a wonderful way the even thought it’s only just happened I’m losing a sense of what order we done things.

Highlights include a visit to Edvard Greigs home to have a nosy and enjoy a recital of some of his works in the concert hall and a walk through the grounds.

I think you can’t really say you’ve been to Bergen if you have not visited the Leprosy museum. It’s only open for a few weeks every year but was filled with interesting facts and artefacts. For instance I never knew that Hansen was the most famous Norwegian 

Getting high in Bergen is pretty easy. You can just use the funicular. It was a bit misty when we done it but we still got a sense of the city.

The fish market and Bryggen area are beautiful. We spent too long swanning around in the rain to visit the Hanseatic museum but it seems like a good excuse to revisit.

Bergen is already on the revisit list.

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