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June 22, 2017 / Aware of the Void

Day 4 – Gudvangen, Flam and onto Laerdal

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!! 

If I’m very honest this is about the only aspect of this adventure I’ve had any input into and that was from a purely administrative point of view. For about 4 months before we set off I lied about booking the car. In my defence between study and work I did not have a whole pile of spare time to consider the rental options in Norway in the end I panic booked a VW polo about 3 weeks in advance. 

The car was collected from a rental hub on the far side of Bergen and getting used to driving on the “wrong” side of the road only took the crosstown spin.

I sat in the car and asked “what’s next” a series of things that might be nice to see were programmed into the SatNav – the trip has been well planed it’s just me that’s a bit hazy on the details.

The spin into the country was pretty fantastic. Someone had joked that the drive from Bergen to Gudvangen was the boring part of the journey as it’s mostly hills and tunnels. I found it pretty amazing. There is something wonderful about driving through a tunnel that is 26km long. 

As we drove into Gudvangen it was agreed that we needed more adjectives. WOW! Is not enough.


Flam was a little weird. We arrive and there was a massive cruise ship docked. It was surrounded on both sides by the rock walls of the Fjords. Here’s one for the fact fans. Many Fjords and deeper than the oceans that the join. This one is 1.8km deep.

Laerdal was supposed to just be an overnight stop to get us closer to the glacier in the morning. We checked into a pretty unique guest house. The guys had a look around the town for something to eat and I went for my first run in Norway (separate post for that adventure)

Laerdal is a beautiful sleepy town with a few restaurants and a disproportionate supermarket. It also had this hidden gem.

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