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June 25, 2017 / Aware of the Void

Day 6 – Gjerde to Boyem and a bit of Booktown

We wake with a post glacier walk hyperness in a campsite in Gjerde. I’ve had my first really decent meal in a few days as we had a great kitchen and lots of ingredients. I’m struggling a bit with vegan food here and finding it much easier to just cook it myself when I can. 

We set out on the road to find a Stave church in Urnes. We leave the car at the ferry port and decide we would all enjoy a walk up a big hill.

The church is from the 1100’s and would have been used to try and bring Christianity to the Vikings. It’s really beautiful.

This part of the road trip seems to whizz by in a series of roadside stops to snap pictures. I think in theory this was supposed to be our shortest drive between two points but or constant sightseeing prolongs the drive in a wonderful way.

We check into our second campsite of the trip and our first cabin. It’s fantastic. I go off for a run and the rest of the gang follow me towards booktown/Mundal at a much more sensible pace.

The town is beautiful and I kind wish I’d spent a bit longer looking at it. My run had me hot and sweaty and the Norwegian air temperature was not fun when I stopped so I ran home and waited for Nivetha to cook one of the most amazing Sambar that will ever be enjoyed in Norway.

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