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June 28, 2017 / Aware of the Void

Day 7 – Tunnel of Goats, Surprise Snow and Terror in the night.

We wake in our log cabin and the sky outside is grey and misty. Everything has a haze over it but off in the distance we can see the distinctive blue glow of the two local glaciers. We pack up the car and set off to have a closer look at one of them. Our approach is less dramatic in the car than the arrival by canoe a few days earlier at “our” glacier. We park up and walk to the lake at the bottom of the ice wall. We have spent a week looking at Fjords, glaciers and spectacular landscapes and we have agreed that we have all run out of superlatives and just keep reverting to “wow!” with different intonations. Coffee and cake sets us up for the drive ahead.

Myself and Lolo have been sharing the driving and Niro or Nivetha have been excellent co-pilots using the sat-nag (not a typo) and controlling the AC. On the longer drives sharing has worked really well as the other driver can flake out on the back seat and sleep or enjoy the scenery. I continue to amaze everyone with my ability to almost instantly pass out once I’m not in control of the car.

We once again climb up into the mountains and just as Lorraine is getting into her flow on the windy roads a really heavy fog descends. Driving in fog is stressful at the best of times but on these mountain roads with hairpin bends and low visibility it can be positively terrifying. We push onwards and at end of a long tunnel we are confronted by a massive amount of goats. The tension mounts in the car as I leave and try my hand at some amateur goat herding. I manage to shift them all to the opposite side of the road – much to the surprise of the driver parked there having similar panic attacks.
Lorraine bravely let’s me take over driving for a little while. Progress is slow but steady and eventually the fog lifts to reveal more “wow”. 

First officer Nivetha finds a supermarket on our current route and we stop for provisions and we have a picnic in the car as it’s cold and rainy outside. Hummus sandwiches are amazing!

We enter a tunnel that seems to go on forever but when we reach the top we are surrounded by snowy peaks, waterfalls and breathtaking beauty. We spend an hour cracking ice on lakes and just chilling – literally and metaphorically.

The drive down the hills towards our camp for the night is spectacular and eventually I have to resist the urge to stop the car every 5 minutes or we will never reach our beds for the night.

The campsite is at the bottom of the mountain and is flanked on all sides by wild flowers.

We are told there is a waterfall nearby so we go exploring. We are not disappointed!

Dinner is an amazing pasta verde and we kill off the bottle of Bacardi. 

Having told Niro and Nivetha about Lorraine’s night terrors as a joke over dinner a few nights before I think it’s ironic that Lorraine wake everyone in the cabin screaming at 1am with a full on attack. I’m normally next to her when this happens and I can offer reassurance without too much drama and often Lo only knows about them when I describe them the next day. This night we are in bunk beds and as she half wakes in terror convinced that there is someone in the room a half naked Irishman seems to drop from the ceiling in front of her! Between adrenaline and laughter it’s hours before anyone gets back to sleep. The perfect end to the day!

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  1. aditi14rathi / Jun 29 2017 6:10 am

    What a day!! 😃😃

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