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June 28, 2017 / Aware of the Void

Keep on Fjording

Getting settled into another cabin meant that I could pull on my running gear and go out for another adventure. We have been walking a lot everyday and the glacier hike seems to have found totally new muscles.

Our log cabin is in a town called Boyem and it’s just at the end point of a Fjord. 3km away is the village of Mundal. It is also known locally as Booktown. I decide that I probably have 6km left in my legs for the day and set off at a nice pace. 

It’s definitely colder here and at times I can see my own breath suggesting it’s somewhere in the region of 8c. The run along the Fjord is beautiful and I run past the town a little further up the waterway than planned but the view is giving me energy.

On the way back I try and take a few pictures but the combination of being covered in sweat and the icy wind make stopping a little uncomfortable so I push on home a little faster taking in the view and thinking about the spicy Sambar that Nivetha has planned for dinner.

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