Developing Rollei 400 IR film in Kodak HC110

This is the short version of my film development technique. In the tank here I have two rolls of Rollei 400 Infrared Film 100. Both of them are 120 format.

Here I mixed my Kodak HC110 at 1:31 or dilution B so for my two reels I made up 1oooml of developer.

My recipe for this was.

Pre-soak in water for 5mins

Kodak HC 110 1:31

Gentle inversions for 1 min (about 30).

5 x gentle inversion at each min for 8 minutes

Stop bath for 1 min

Ilford Rapid fixer for 5 minutes

Final rise for 10 minutes

Photo-flo bath for 30 seconds

And here is a few shots using this developer and film. These are iPhone snaps of my darkroom prints as I’ve decided for a little while at least that I will not scan my film and instead will process the image only in my darkroom. The paper used is Ilford MG IV



  1. Did you develop in HC-110 or Rodinal? The recipe says Rodinal. Gorgeous shots. If I had better access to a darkroom, I would love to pilot a “no scanning” policy, myself.

    1. Hc110 David, fixed the typo now thanks for that. The hazards of a confused brain. It could be my subconscious telling me to stick to one developer.
      The no scanning is really about me trying to get better at printing it will force me to make more efforts in the darkroom

  2. Usually these films say develop in complete darkness. Would development in a plastic tank and the smartphone running a timer hurt?

    1. I do all my development in tanks and in the full glare on the sun – no issue ever. I think Efke820 or kodak HID might be more sensitive but this Rollei stuff I have never had an issue. I also load the camera in daylight.

  3. I miss the the darkroom. Seeing these makes me miss it more. I worked in a darkroom in college. If you can make prints and scan those, that’s is really the best way I’ve found. Sadly these days I have my film (mostly C-41) developed and scanned by the lab. I just don’t have the equipment or the time anymore. Maybe I’ll dig out my paterson tanks again one day.

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