How to Make Redscale Film – 35mm

To make your own Redscale film you will need:

Process or How to….

  1. Cut the leader from the fresh roll of film
  2. Flip it over so that the emulsion side is facing you (the non shiny side)
  3. Tape the new roll onto the end of the old canister
  4. Wind the new roll slighly onto the old roll so that the tape is no longer visible
  5. Find a very dark place (I do this in my darkbag mostly or sometimes in my darkroom)
  6. Wind the new roll full onto the old canister
  7. Return to the light and cut the rolls apart
  8. I make a new leader to help load the film into the camera.
  9. Thats it – very simple

Shooting suggestions.

I have found that is is nearly impossible to over expose the film. The speed at which you rate the film Рunder or over expose tends to have a dramatic effect on the redscale effect. I normally use 200 iso film and set my ISO in camera to 25 or 50. I like this look but its a crazy way to shoot so go mad and give it a try.


    1. I done it with a roll of Kentmere 400 just to see what happened. Nothing spectacular!! – I just got a weird magenta cast on the scans, I never tried printing the negs but mostly because i was not enamoured with the results.

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